TikToker loves her lip fillers but some men say she looks like a duck

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A TikToker who is in love with her lip fillers says that men don’t care for them, but she has no plans to dissolve the filler despite a recent growing trend in reversals. Face Serum Hyaluronic Acid

TikToker loves her lip fillers but some men say she looks like a duck

Evie — a user who goes by the name Aesthetic Educator on the platform — shared a now viral clip showing how her lips used to look pre-cosmetic surgery.

“When a guy tells me he finds girls with lip filler unattractive,” she wrote in her video, which has been viewed nearly 618,000 times.

She then went on to note some of the statements males make about her appearance, including one man who told her that she “looks like a duck.”

Evie also shared an old photo of herself when she graduated from high school, showing her face pre-lip filler, with a much smaller pout than her present-day mouth.

TikTok commenters were conflicted over the before and after photos.

“I love when people tell me they love my natural lips and how much they hate fillers so that I can tell them I have 5ml [right now],” a user wrote.

To which Evie responded: “Agreed !!! I work in the industry so people are always telling me I don’t need lip filler … jokes on them!”

When another commenter noted that she was “cute without too,” she thanked them. “Sometimes the confidence boost is great but I will always be open and honest about cosmetic procedures,” she added.

“Girl same, I’ll never go back. Life changing tbh,” one person agreed.

Someone else noted, “Health is beautiful, looking natural and embracing imperfections is beautiful, appreciate genetics that came to you, love yourself raw.”

While some people have been dissolving lip filler, some swear by it, like one influencer who said the procedure helped to “cure” her depression caused by breakups.

The user posted a video earlier this month about getting her lips filled after “another failed talking stage” of a relationship.

TikToker loves her lip fillers but some men say she looks like a duck

Hyaluronic acid “Trying to cover up the blood from getting my lips done because yet another man disappointed me & made me depressed for the next two weeks and the only cure is getting more filler.”